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The Only Hair Restoration Clinic to Receive ‘Outstanding’ in CQC Report

We’re extremely happy to announce that HHC Clinics is the only hair restoration clinic to receive ‘outstanding’ in this year’s CQC report.

CQC or Care Quality Commission are the independent regulator of health and social care in England. They hold inspections and conduct reports in each sector once a year, with their reports lasting for 5 years. This year, our clinic was under assessment by CQC and we’ve just received the report, listing our practise as ‘outstanding’.

What is involved in a CQC inspection?

CQC set fundamental standards which must be adhered to when working in the health and social care sector. These fundamental standards of care are:

  • Person-centred care. Business must have care and treatment tailored the needs of its patients
  • Dignity and respect. Patients must be treated with respect and dignity throughout the course of their treatment.
  • Consent. Consent is needed from patients (or someone legally acting on their behalf) before treatment is given.
  • Safety. Business must ensure every safety measure is adhered to. Business must assess every patient's potential health and safety before conducting treatment.
  • Safeguarding from abuse. Improper treatment or abuse is not tolerated during your course of treatment.
  • Food and drink. The business should not conduct treatment or care to a patient without making sure that they’ve had enough to eat and drink beforehand.
  • Premises and equipment. The business and its equipment must be clean, looked after and suitable to the business.
  • Complaints. Patients have the right to complain about care or treatment. Business must ensure that patients have an appropriate avenue to voice complaints. Business must investigate all complaints and take action in a professional manner.
  • Good governance. The business must have plans in place to ensure that they meet these standards of practice.
  • Staffing. Staff must be professional, qualified, experienced and competent.
  • Fit and proper staff. The business should only employ staff who are able to carry out care and treatment appropriate to their role.
  • Duty of candour. The business must be transparent with the patient before, during and after care and treatments.
  • Display of ratings. The business must display its CQC rating in a position that is visible to patients. The CQC rating should be displayed on the businesses website and the latest report on the business should be made available to everyone.

The CQC regulates services in England by monitoring and inspecting establishments within the health and social care sector to ensure that they meet these standards. Upon finishing their assessment, the CQC rate each business and publish a detailed report with their findings.

The CQC report is available online which anyone can access. This helps potential patients select the best establishment for their treatment. Performance ratings enable patients to choose a reputable business for their care, and gives them the confidence that they need to take their first steps.

Being the only hair restoration clinic in Nottingham to receive an ‘outstanding’ grade from the independent regulator of health and social care in England is such an honour and a massive reflection on the work that is carried out at HHC Clinics.

You can read the full report here.