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Hair Cycle and Hair Growth Factors

In this animation, Regina from Hillside Hair Clinic explains the full hair growth cycle and how to increase the growing phase with PRP injections (Platelet-Rich Plasma).

Regina details the phases of the hair cycle, something we all experience continuously throughout our lifetime. There are three phases of the hair cycle, the anagen, catagen and telogen phase, before the hair dies and another starts growing. The animation displays each phase in more detail.

Regina, an experienced PRP Therapist, explains how the hair cycle can be affected during life changes, resulting in hair becoming thinner, a process called miniaturisation. Regina explains how PRP injections can prolong the anagen phase, stimulating dormant hair follicles and encouraging collagen production, thickening the hair. The increased growth factors from PRP are responsible for the thickened, healthy hair growth in both male and female patients without any side effects or recovery time. 

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