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Video: Our Hair Transplant Patient Journey


HHC Clinics are a UK leading hair restoration clinic, we offer our services in a number of locations including our Harley Street Hair Clinic, in London. Our specialist team are experts in the latest hair transformation innovations and have extensive experience treating a range of hair loss conditions and causes, including alopecia areata and psoriasis

In this video, you can explore our London hair loss clinic and treatment room and see some of our expert restoration specialists, Dr Ali and Regina, at work, offering their honest advice and high quality service to our hair loss patients. 

Some of our patients discuss their experiences at Harley Street, including high profile faces attending for our market-leading Platelet Rich Plasma therapy. Our hair strengthening treatment works to improve hair follicle condition and reduce hair loss, resulting in thicker, healthier hair, and is available to both men and women.

Our Harley Street hair transplant patient discusses his experience, including how the procedure has improved his quality of life. Gary undertook an FUE (Follicle Unit Extraction) procedure, a market-leading hair transplant that offers more accuracy and minimal trauma. Gary explains how his options were explored with Dr Ali during his initial consultation, and he was encouraged to weigh up his options before making a decision.

AT HHC Clinics, we perform both surgical hair transplants and non-surgical hair treatments to resolve your hair loss and restore your confidence. Our patients are treated as individuals and offered tailored solutions to their personal hair loss concerns. Our wide range of treatments is available to men and women, as well as offering specialist transgender hair loss treatments. HHC Clinics’s expertise don’t stop at treatment of hair loss on the scalp, we treat hair loss affecting eyebrows and beards too. So whatever your concern, our team of top-class surgeons and well-informed and expert restoration specialists have you covered!

To find out more about our Harley Street Clinic, or arrange a consultation, get in touch today.