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How to Wash your Hair after a Hair Transplant

The success of UK hair transplants is not only dependent on the procedure but how you handle the aftercare. There are certain restrictions you will need to take note of during the recovery process, but you will also need to be careful when dealing with your head and hair. Washing your hair is something that you need to pay particular attention to so our hair restoration specialists have put together this guide on what you should and shouldn’t do.

Timeline for Washing your Hair after a Hair Transplant

Day of surgery: Once you have had your surgery your head will be covered in dressings and you should leave them alone. You can’t wash your head during this period. You will need to spray saline every 30-45 minutes to ensure wounds are kept clean and massage forehead every 30-45 minutes.

Day 1 of the recovery process & the first day after surgery: You should avoid washing your head and disturbing the dressings but continue to spray the saline spray every 30-45 minutes and massage your forehead at the same intervals also.

Days 2 and 3: The bandages can be removed on day 2. Wash the donor area (back of the head) with baby shampoo but don’t disturb the grafts. Saline spray should continue to be used and the forehead should continue to be massaged.

Day 4: Wash the donor area but don’t disturb the grafts. Saline spray no longer needs to be used and likewise you don’t need to massage the forehead regularly either.

Day 5 onwards: You can start to wash the entire head using baby shampoo.

Day 14: You can return to your normal day to day hair care routine from here onwards.

How to Wash your Hair after a Hair Transplant

When washing your hair you need to careful not to pull out any transplanted hair or cause yourself any pain or bleeding. It is important to wash your hair after a hair transplant however to reduce the risk of infection and remove any scabs, blood or crusts from the scalp.

When washing just the donor area of your head:

  1. Fill a cup with warm water and add a few drops of baby shampoo.
  2. Pour the soapy water onto your hair.
  3. Gently rub the soapy water into the transplanted area taking care to ensure you don’t dislodge the transplanted hairs. Don’t pick at any scabs if there is any when washing.
  4. Fill a cup with warm water and rinse the area. Rinse the area until there is no soap left.
  5. Allow the hair to dry thoroughly naturally.

On day 5 when you can wash your entire head, you can wash your hair in the shower.

  1. Pour the baby shampoo into your hands and rub your hands together creating the lather.
  2. Apply the shampoo to your head using the palms of your hands. You can spread the shampoo using your fingertips but don’t rub or massage into the scalp.
  3. Rinse until the soap has gone.
  4. Dry naturally.

On day 14 you can wash your hair as you would before the hair transplant.