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Beard Transplants

Looking to address the patchiness or thinning of your facial hair? Our expert surgeons offer a permanent solution for 100% natural looking beards

Obtain an attractive, full-looking beard through a top-quality beard transplant at HHC Clinics

Now with the latest advances in FUE and FUT hair implantation, it’s possible to implant hair follicles from the donor area of the head into the beard area, perfectly controlling the angle and direction to match the existing hairs.

An FUE or FUT beard transplant procedure is a straightforward with fast healing times. Moreover, the end result is fantastic! Facial hair implantation is extremely popular right now. Largely because your facial hair transplants will actually grow and looks the same as the rest of your facial hair.

If you have a few patchy or thin areas in your beard or have trouble growing a full healthy beard and you would like to improve it, you should get in touch and try this permanent solution to the problem.

Portrait of a bearded guy

"Everything went smoothly"

Very welcoming and peaceful. Didn’t feel stressed about the procedure and the technicians were excellent. Everything went smoothly and there were no issues.

Elliot Smith

"Friendly and professional"

Friendly and professional, Kept in touch all the time. Treatment carried out well. Would definitely recommend

Craig Franks

"Great first experience…the surgeon was excellent"

Great first experience. The surgeon was excellent and the technicians really did a great job. I can’t recommend Hillside highly enough.

Lee Dales

"Highly recommend to anyone looking for superb results!"

Fantastic team great results very professional make you feel at ease would highly recommend to anyone looking for superb results!!!!

Nick Padovano

How it works

A beard transplant is a hair transplant procedure whereby individual hairs are removed from healthy areas of the scalp.

The individual hair follicles used for your beard hair transplant are extracted from the donor hairs - usually at the back of the scalp, using the Follicular Unit Extraction FUE method, and implanted into thinning and patchy areas of the beard. The aim is to provide full coverage beard as desired with donor hairs that are the most similar to natural beard hair. Our hair transplant methods allow you to get the fuller beard you want at a competitive price.

Beard transplants are performed under local anaesthetic and you can go straight home after the procedure.

The end result is 100% natural and will last a lifetime.

Get a fantastic end result with a fast-healing and straightforward FUE or FUT beard transplant.

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Request a FREE call back from our friendly team

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Explore the benefits

  • Tailored to your requirements

    In conjunction with your requirements, our skilled Surgeon will use their aesthetic skills to design the perfect beard for you.

  • The perfect solution

    The donor area is also evaluated by the surgeon to ensure that just the right amount of grafts are extracted.

  • Pain-free procedure with no general anaesthetic

    You will be given a local anaesthetic in the donor area, so that the extraction will be pain-free. You are awake during the entire cosmetic procedure.

  • Precision surgery

    We use a medical punch tool to carefully extract the follicular units. These are usually less than 1mm in diameter. During the extraction, the grafts are taken carefully and spread out to ensure that, when the hair grows back in the donor area, it looks completely natural.

  • Contoured to suit your face

    The beard area is given a local anaesthetic. Then using a top quality medical implantation tool, the grafts are carefully injected into the recipient area, controlling the perfect depth angle and direction of each graft.

  • Life-long results

    You then follow some simple aftercare during the rapid healing process post - surgery. After a period of time when the newly implanted beard hairs start to grow, they will grow for life with natural-looking results.

    Talk to an expert to learn more about our hair restoration procedures.

Did you know? Your beard treatment is more accessible than you think! Spread the cost with our flexible finance options.

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