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FUE Hair Transplants

Tackle your hair loss with an FUE hair transplant with a top UK surgeon. Both shaven and unshaven hair transplants available.

What is an FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) hair transplant?

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) is a type of hair transplant, where grafts are extracted, using either a manual or motorised punch, under local anaesthesia using punches between 0.8mm and 1.0mm, by a surgeon from what is referred to as the donor area (usually the back and sides of head).

The extracted grafts or follicles are then implanted into what is called the recipient area which is where the patient is suffering from hair loss. In the case of a scalp hair transplant, the recipient area is usually the top of the head.

FUE hair transplant

"Even my hairdresser is impressed with the results"

Quite a few people, including my hairdresser, are so impressed with the results on me so early on that they are planning their own procedures with this clinic in the imminent future. This whole team at Hillside are very professional, down to earth & helpful at all times and I feel very fortunate that I found them.

HHC Clinics Patient

"Everything went smoothly"

Very welcoming and peaceful. Didn’t feel stressed about the procedure and the technicians were excellent. Everything went smoothly and there were no issues.

Elliot Smith

"Friendly and professional"

Friendly and professional, Kept in touch all the time. Treatment carried out well. Would definitely recommend

Craig Franks

"Very professional and pleasant atmosphere/ service"

Over and above all expectations, very professional and pleasant atmosphere/ service

Ollie Tye

"The transplant procedure done at hillside was completely smooth sailing"

I was initially very nervous about getting the procedure but on the day I was made the feel at ease and more relaxed about the whole thing, mainly due to the professionalism of everyone involved and how welcoming and nice they were. I am only on 4 months post op but I am already seeing promising results. Overall the actual process of getting the transplant procedure done at hillside was completely smooth sailing, the only hard bit is waiting for the final results.

Hillside hair clinic review

For all our FUE hair transplant procedures we utilise the market-leading FUE implanter method

fue hair extraction pen

Hair transplants consist of two main stages: extraction and implantation

During implantation, grafts are placed back into the scalp once trimmed and prepared meticulously following extraction.

The two main methods of implantation are A) using a dull implanter with pre-made incisions or B) using a sharp implanter without pre-made incisions.

Here, at HHC, we specialise in the pre-made incision implanter method using a CHOI implanter pen.

Following anaesthesia, the clinician/surgeon uses a small-gauge needle or chisel blades to make many incisions in the recipient site with specific angulation in preparation for the scalp skin to admit the follicular unit/graft. Pre-made sites are defined by the size, density, direction, angle, and depth.             

Using a dull needle implanter, which contains a channel which the grafts are loaded into, the grafts are inserted or plunged into the pre-made incisions in the skin, according to a specific pattern and distribution predetermined by the surgeon.

Minimal Trauma

Implanters allow placement of the graft without risk of follicle damage as it is contained within the channel of the dull implanter and no pressure is applied when placing the grafts with forceps alone and no implanter. The implanter simply slides into the pre-made incision and the graft is deposited.

Increased Accuracy

The angle and depth of incisions are better controlled with pre-made sites whereas with stick-and-place (with forceps or sharp needle implanters) there is more variability resulting in uneven final results.

Top Quality Treatment

With sharp needles, the implanter’s efficiency and speed are slowed as the needles get dull and must be replaced, but with dull needle implanters, these are not constraints, efficiency is maintained, and time is saved.

Smaller incisions

With sharp needle implanters, the size of the recipient incisions is determined by the size of the needles (Lion®: 0.64mm and 0.8mm for singles and 1.00mm for 2- and 3-haired grafts. KNU®: 0.74mm and 0.82mm for singles and 0.96mm, 1.02mm, and 1.14mm for 2- and 3-haired grafts). One of the most important advantages of the dull needle implanters is that the size of the pre-made recipient incisions can be much smaller. Smaller incisions allow higher densities and less trauma to the recipient area undergoing hair restoration surgery.

And what about hair follicle extraction for an FUE hair transplant?

FUR hair transplants

Higher rate of follicle extraction leading to a fuller head of hair

Smaller incisions leading to less damage to surrounding hair follicles

Minimal scarring to the scalp

Faster healing and a less painful procedure

We utilise the best-in-class Devroye WAW FUE Extraction equipment.

So what is the WAW system?

The WAW FUE system is a type of follicle extraction device specifically designed to extract a larger quantity of high-quality grafts without creating a large incision.  With hair graft extraction done via small incisions, we reduce the healing process for you and leave you with minimal scaring.

The WAW FUE system optimises the hair follicle extraction rate by reducing the procedure time using a very sharp yet painless cut.

WAW FUE is the ideal hair transplant surgery if you’re looking for a painless procedure with a natural looking head of hair. With its innovative hair transplant technology reaching a higher level of success, it has changed the lives of many hair loss sufferers.

How it works

FUT is popular with woman and also with patients with extreme baldness and a good donor area, who are prepared to leave the hair a little bit longer at the back (Norwood Grade 6-7).

We take hair grafts individually from the back of the head, as hair in these areas are not sensitive to the DHT hormone and are from the permanent area. FUE is an ideal hair transplant method for cases of early stage pattern baldness. After transplantation, they will grow forever. So, implanting hair follicles that are not sensitive to this hormone, into the recipient area of the scalp means that this hair is perfect to use to transplant.

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Did you know? We're one of the only expert clinics in the UK to provide unshaven FUE treatments

Our unshaven FUE transplant procedure is a minimally invasive and extremely effective treatment against hair loss. This treatment is perfect for patients who feel anxious about shaving their head to undergo the hair restoration procedure. To find out more about hair transplant cost, please get in touch for a bespoke quotation based on your hair loss assessment and treatment preferences.

FUE Surgery Dr Mamontova

Intrigued to know more? Get to the root of your hair-loss problems with a hair loss diagnosis at HHC.

Our expert clinicians utilise market-leading hair-loss diagnostic tools, not available at other clinics.

Top-of-the-range Dino-Lite digital microscopes offer pin-point precision hair and scalp diagnostics.

50x & 200x Magnification

Quick, precise & painless diagnostics

View LIVE results during the consultation

Why does this matter? The best treatments should always begin with an accurate diagnosis. We offer optimal treatment outcomes to every patient.

Comparison of FUE and FUT procedures

FUE procedure (Follicular Unit Extraction)

  • Commonest Procedure for 80% of Patients

  • Men rated up to 5 on the Norwood Scale

  • Multiple very small scars (not noticable after healing)

  • Difficult to repeat in later years

  • Better for those who suffer keloids or scar badly

  • Can have short hair at the back

  • Can exercise after a few days

  • Less risk of complications

FUT procedure ( Follicular Unit Transplantation/Strip)

  • Currently 20% of patients have this procedure

  • Preferred for women

  • Fine linear scar

  • Can repeat strip procedures after many years

  • Need to wear hair at back longer

  • Need to wait 4-6 weeks before strenuous exercise

  • Ludwig and Savin Scale for Women

  • Less damage to the grafts

Did you know? Your hair transplant is more accessible than you think! Spread the cost with our flexible finance options.

Chrysalis Finance Callout

*Representative Example. Amount of Credit £1000. Total Amount Repayable £1424.25. Repayable by 60 monthly payments of £23.74. Representative 14.9% APR. Example based upon a procedure costing £1000. Other Terms and Conditions apply. Acceptance subject to credit status. Hillside Health Clinics Ltd trading as Hillside Health Clinics is an Appointed Representative of Chrysalis Finance Limited, which is authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority.