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Video: Ollie Hynd’s Hair Restoration


In this video, Ollie Hynd MBE, Paralympic World, European and Commonwealth Champion discusses his experience at HHC Clinics. Ollie attended our Harley Street Clinic to speak to our expert hair restoration specialists about his own hair loss concerns. At HHC Clinics, we offer the latest hair transplantation and non-surgical treatment innovations, and tailor our solutions to our patient’s individual concerns. 

Ollie discusses his first Platelet Rich Plasma treatment undertaken by Regina, our PRP specialist. PRP therapy is a leading non-surgical hair strengthening treatment that stimulates hair growth and improves follicle condition. PRP uses a small sample of blood taken from the patient’s arm, this is then harvested using the latest technology to produce a high-quality concentration of PRP, which when reinjected into the patient’s area of concern maximises healing qualities and growth factors. This treatment is often used to prevent future need for a hair transplant, or after a hair transplant to enhance the results. 


How PRP can be used:

Aids hair growth in the post-natal period 

Suitable for sufferers of the autoimmune condition Discoid Lupus

Can be used in conjunction with microneedling and low level laser therapy

Enhances the results of hair transplants 

To find out more about the market-leading surgical and non-surgical hair loss treatments we offer at this location and others, get in touch today.