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Patient Testimonial – FUE Hair Transplant

Deepan underwent an FUE hair transplant procedure at our Nottingham based clinic when he noticed some hair loss, resulting in a loss of his self-esteem. In this video, he discusses the process of getting in touch with HHC Clinics and highlights the importance and effectiveness his hair replacement treatment had in restoring his confidence. 

Deepan talks through his journey as he initially visited our clinic for his first consultation and how our team of experts offered detailed information on the procedures, as well as informing him on hair restoration expectations.

Deepan discusses the day of his FUE hair transplant and what his personal hair restoration journey has meant for his confidence post procedure. Deepan highlights our bespoke and holistic approach to our hair loss patients here at HHC Clinics and why he picked to have his procedure completed by our expert team of restoration specialists. 

If you wish to discuss your hair restoration options with one of our specialists, get in touch today.