We help address androgenetic alopecia, or male pattern baldness, for MTF (Male to Female) transgender women.

As a team of leading UK medical experts with 30+ years in endocrinology, we understand how distressing hair loss can be for transwomen.

Great medical understanding is required when treating hair loss in transwomen. You have to factor in aspects such as resculpting the hairline, whilst also taking great care to ensure there is a natural directional flow of the hair. With Hillside Medical Centre you can be assured of a natural result which will enhance your transition process.

We get the importance of carefully monitoring the drugs you use - such as awareness of oestrogen monitoring and the need to check testosterone levels. There is a careful cut-off point when a DHT blocker will no longer be needed, as the testosterone-blocking drugs start taking effect.

Thanks to our extensive experience, our surgeons are able to take a holistic, medical, surgical and psychological approach to your treatment. We have knowledge of how specific hair loss procedures can compliment and aid hormonal treatments, ensuring we're able to help you achieve the physical appearance you're looking for.

Are you an FTM (Female to Male) transgender male looking to remodel your hairline, to aid passing?

For FTM (female to male) transmen you may take testosterone, which causes the voice to deepen, and for you to develop desired secondary masculine characteristics. Medications for FTM are mainly androgens (testosterone) and GnRH analogues.

We understand the aim of all transgender patients is to be able to pass successfully, when out and about. For transmen, remodelling your natural female hairline to a more masculine one can really aid this process and we can also help you address the natural directional flow of your hair.

We empower our patients by ensuring they understand all the options available

Whether you're a transwoman or a transman, FUT & FUE hair transplants offer a highly effective solution.

Our physicians are able to harvest grafts from donor hair sites on your scalp. Whether you're MTF or FTM, the principle remains the same. We use either FUE or FUT, then take the grafts and implant them in the recipient area (the place where you'd like to increase hair growth).

Contact us today for a discrete, free consultation with our endocrine and surgical team, to discuss your options.

Discover our top hair loss treatments for transgender patients

Whether you embark on a hair transplant or not, we believe that the prevention of further hair loss is vital. This is often overlooked. We have a range of treatment options that can be used individually or combined for a synergistic approach.


"I received comprehensive information, advice and recommendations"

Had my first consultation with Hillside. Strong core beliefs in promoting ethical values. I received comprehensive information, advice and recommendations from professionals and experts in the industry. I have been to numerous clinics whose aim was to make sales, I had even received incorrect advice and subsequently had the wrong treatments… but Hillside are unique.

Rosul Miah

"Professional advice by REAL DOCTORS and not sales consultants"

Consultations are NOT from salespeople, rather it’s from Doctors who advise on what is right, give you facts and look for the best interest of the client. My only regret I didn’t visit them any earlier. Highly recommend anyone looking for real, professional advice by REAL DOCTORS and not sales consultants.

Rosul Miah

"Very relaxing environment, with impressive and knowledgeable clinic manager"

I attended the Hillside Nottingham Clinic today. Very relaxing environment, impressive and knowledgeable clinic manager, Regina. Premium Hair Transplant Clinic.

Sam Hunt

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