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Dr Aiste Audickaite

Dr Aiste Audickaite is a Hair Transplant Surgeon (FUE) and Dermatologist at HHC Clinics

Dr Aiste Audickaite is a highly-skilled dermatologist and hair transplant surgeon with extensive knowledge and experience in the field.

Finishing her medical school and dermatology residency program in Lithuania and training at Canada’s Jewish General Hospital, Dr Audickaite was later chosen by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery as a fellow in hair restoration surgery in 2019, this saw her spending one year in Spain learning hair transplantation under her fellowship director Dr. Jiménez Acosta, a specialist in hair transplantation at the Mediteknia Clinic. As the first Lithuanian to finish this extensive programme and gain advanced knowledge in the field, Dr Audickaite is the pioneer of hair transplantation surgery in Lithuania. 

Some of Dr Aiste Audickaite’s achievements include her work as a lecturer of national and international scientific congresses, where she wrote papers and articles in the field of dermatology and hair transplantation surgery, being awarded with EADV Michael Hornsetin Memorial Scholarship in Athens for her scientific achievements and her effort to improve the skills and update the knowledge within foreign clinics, such as those in Dubai, Italy, Spain, Sweden and Thailand. 

In 2020, Dr Audickaite gained full GMC registration with the licence to practice in the UK, while also maintaining medical licences in Spain and Lithuania. Within Hillside Hair Clinic, Dr Audickaite will be offering consultations for patients suffering hair loss, dermatology problems,  cosmetic issues and will perform non-surgical and surgical treatments and procedures for the skin and hair, including FUE hair transplantations. Her passion for the fusion of artistry and science in hair transplants, and her attention to meticulous details that create wholeness and naturalness, align with Hillside’s thorough and precise approach to creating outstanding results for our patients. 

Dr Aiste Audickaite - FUE hair transplant surgeon and cosmetic dermatologist
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