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Victoria Allison

Victoria Allison is a Clinical Vein Specialist at HHC Clinics

Victoria trained as a diagnostic radiographer at the University of Leeds from 2001 and following qualifying in July 2004 worked at Sheffield Royal Hallamshire Hospital and Northern General Hospital. She gained experience in all aspects of radiology including CT imaging, theatre, mobile, fluoroscopy and interventional imaging as well as trauma.

Victoria then went on to specialise in Vascular, Neuro and Interventional radiology procedures in 2009 and then completed a post graduate certificate in medical imaging in 2013. She has consolidated her learning and skills in these specialist vascular areas over the last 15 years gaining senior radiographer position and experience in clinical management specifically infection control, training of junior radiographers and key roles in advancing technology within the interventional radiology department and team.

Over the past 3 years Victoria has also worked in the private sector concentrating on  patients with venous diseases specifically varicose vein diagnosis and endovenous minimally invasive treatments. She now works as a Lead clinical venous specialist with HHC Vein Clinics. She leads the team that is dedicated to providing excellent patient facing service, offering advice and direction to patients who have venous diseases and guiding them through their personal journey with HHC vein clinics to restore their venous health in their legs and get their confidence back.

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