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Carefully selected by our Expert Specialists in the field of medical hair and skin restoration, browse our range of trusted aftercare products for at-home enhancing following our in-clinic market-leading innovations.

Our Haircare

Our team of expert hair restoration Specialists have the medical experience and expertise to recommend a solution for your hair concern, no matter your hair type. Here at Hillside, we see an array of hair loss conditions and our skilled team get to the root of the cause to create bespoke solutions for our patients. Within our aftercare range you will find a variety of products to support your hair restoration journey, so whether you are looking for a quick cover up or a treatment to stimulate hair growth and repair follicle condition, we have a provision for you.

These at-home innovations have been thoughtfully selected for men and women experiencing hair thinning, our hair care range includes

  • Hair building fibres for an instant transformation
  • Topical treatments to diffuse hair loss and stimulate hair growth
  • Laser light technologies that stimulate hair follicles and reverse thinning

Concerned about your hair loss? Hillside Hair Clinic is a UK leading hair loss clinic, our team of top UK surgeons and well-informed hair restoration Specialists have the clinical expertise and latest diagnostic technologies to find and treat the cause of your hair thinning. We offer a tailored approach, focusing on your individual concerns, hair type and condition, cause of hair loss, family and medical history and desired outcome.

Discover our range of hair loss treatments available at our CQC rated excellent hair loss clinic, or get in touch with our friendly team for Specialist support today.

Our Skincare

Medical-grade skin care products backed by science, our range of skin aftercare is only dispensed by professionals and not available on the high street due to the higher concentrates of active skin correcting ingredients.

Suitable for all skin types, our Specialist team have carefully selected this range of skin care to support skin health, eradicate common skin concerns and enhance the results of our leading skin treatments. Our skin care range includes

  • High-strength serums with active ingredients for targetted treatments
  • Cleansers and exfoliants with healing properties for everyday healthy skin
  • Specialist sun creams and moisturisers to complete your daily routine with professional skin protection

Healthy skin starts with in-clinic precise diagnostics using specialist equipment to find the cause of your skin condition. AT HHC Skin Clinic, we take a medical and holistic approach to treat your skin concerns, focussing on the cause of your skin concern, your skin type and condition and your desired result.

To discuss your tailored skin requirements and receive your personal skincare prescription, get in touch today or browse our extensive range of Alumier skin care to discover at-home professional skin care backed by clinical studies.


What hair types are your hair products suitable for?

Our full range of hair care products is suitable for use on men and women experiencing hair thinning and loss. This includes those with healthy or damaged hair, experiencing hereditary hair loss, female pattern hair loss and scalp conditions. Get in touch for tailored advice and to discuss the cause of your hair loss with our hair restoration Specialists.

Is your range of skin care suitable for all skin types?

Yes, we offer at-home skin care solutions for all skin types including ageing skin, dry skin, sensitive skin and oily skin. We tailor your recommended skin care products around your skin type, condition and concern to ensure skin care products that deliver the therapeutic outcomes you require and leave you with improved skin appearance.

What products can I get to treat acne?

Our range of Alumier products includes various treatments to target acne, here at HHC Skin clinic we will assess your skin and create a tailored package to treat your skin concerns.

What can I purchase to slow my rate of hair loss?

We offer a range of at-home hair care that can help reduce hair loss and improve hair shaft health. Our bio-cleansing shampoo and conditioners are a great starting point for those just beginning their hair restoration journey, these professional hair care products cause no disruption to your normal hair care routine but offer hair benefits beyond basic washing and are available for all hair types, including colour treated hair.

How can I find out which hair/skin product would be best for me?

At Hillside, we use specialist diagnostic equipment to explore the root cause of your skin or hair concern, understanding the cause of your concern helps us to create bespoke solutions to treat it. Our experts have extensive experience in the field treating patients suffering from various types of hair loss, including scalp psoriasis, hormonal hair thinning and permanent hair loss, and creating skin treatment solutions for a wide variation of skin concerns including dark spots, ageing skin and uneven skin tone. Get in touch for your free, no obligation consultation today.

Can I combine professional treatments and home care products?

Our complete range of at home professional treatments has been carefully selected by our expert team to be utilised alongside our market-leading hair and skin treatments available at our purpose-built clinic. Effective treatment doesn't just exist in the clinic, and we believe to optimise results and get to your desired outcome efficiently, that what you do when you leave matters. That is why our Clinicians will offer complete advice, for in-clinic procedures and ways to maximise your current at-home regime, to ensure that both work together to reach your desired outcome sooner.

Get in touch today for a tailored package to combat your skin or hair concern, or explore our range of clinic treatments and find out more about our CQC-rated excellent clinic.