Find the right aesthetic treatments for you at our outstanding skin clinics with expert skin specialists

We take a holistic and medical approach and are the only UK skin clinic based out of a medical practice

Treating every patient as an individual, we are here to offer our advice and support throughout your skin journey. From any one of our UK skin clinics, we offer skin consultations with tailored skin rejuvenation treatments, planned to take away your skin concerns and leave you feeling confident in your new skin! Our experienced team can take care of your skin ailments including anti-wrinkle, acne, hyperpigmentation, stubborn fat, enlarged pores, and dull skin - with the latest skin rejuvenation technologies.

Book your non-surgical treatments today and work towards your skin goals.

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Skin Treatments

Tailored Skin Treatments to Correct and Care

At HHC Skin Clinic, we have a well-balanced range of the latest and most effective skin treatments.

Depending on your skin condition, we can deliver an effective course of treatment for your skin with top quality patient care at a skin clinic that cares about you and your skin concerns. We invest in top of the range medical-grade dermal products and equipment to ensure our treatments are giving the best results to our customers. Book your consultation today!

Our expert team use a tailored approach to treat an array of conditions, including: 

✔ Ageing skin
✔ Sun damage
✔ Blemished or scarred skin texture
✔ Skin prone to redness or an uneven appearance 
✔ Loose skin and saggy jowls
✔ Cellulite and stubborn fat
✔ Hyperpigmentation and sun spots

Our comfortable and relaxed clinic is filled with knowledge and experience, and our expert team includes a highly trained dermatologist and our very own skin practitioner dedicated to achieving the best possible results for our patients.

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Why choose HHC Skin Clinic?

  • Thorough examination and expert, honest advice

    Our team of experienced skin specialists take their time to perform thorough skin analysis so that we can equip our patients with accurate and honest information about their skin, offering advice and the best treatment options for their desired outcome.

  • Relaxed, comfortable and safe clinical environment

    Our Nottingham clinic has been rated excellent by the CQC and we provide services to the same exceptional standard throughout the nation, including London’s Harley Street. Patient comfort and safety is a priority to us at HHC Skin Clinic.

  • Qualified and skilled medical professionals

    Our team of UK leading practitioners, doctors and surgeons have extensive experience working in the medical sector, offering patient-centred care and using the latest technology to create effective results.

  • Real results

    No matter what your skin concerns, our knowledge and extensive expertise will determine the best possible treatment regime for you. We understand results aren’t just skin deep and work tirelessly to have you feeling your most confident again.

  • Looking for an alternative to a surgical facelift?

    We create a tightened and more youthful appearance without the requirement for extended downtime, recovery and risk of surgical complications. At HHC Skin Clinic, we use some of the latest innovations to reduce the appearance of loose, sagging skin, lines and wrinkles and a loss of definition on the face, chin and jawline. 

    We understand how distressing it can be to watch your face go through these changes, and our approach to attune a skin treatment regime to target your biggest concerns will have you feeling your best again!

Skin Clinic FAQs

There are many treatments on offer at HHC Skin Clinic, our skin specialists are able to determine how to achieve your desired result using one, or more, of our innovative treatments following analysis of your skin and in-depth conversation about family and medical history and your skin concerns in more detail.