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Endovenous Laser Ablation (EVLA)

Discover EVLA treatment for varicose veins - a minimally invasive endothermal ablation technique with a rapid recovery time. You can even head back to work the next day!

In the UK, EVLA is now the gold standard treatment for Varicose Veins and is recommended by the National Institute for Health and Care Excellence (NICE) as the primary option for treating varicose veins.

HHC Vein clinics have adopted these treatments as their primary method for treating Varicose veins and our consultant Vein Specialists are highly trained and experienced in these techniques.

Gone are the vascular vein strip procedures of the past. EVLA is a revolutionary treatment for varicose veins and is popular with patients of all ages – from 18 to 80!

So, how does EVLA varicose vein treatment work?

Well it uses existing laser and ultrasound technology to heat treat and close the main superficial vein from the inside with laser energy. It’s a truly remarkable procedure that’s carried out by our consultant vein specialists.

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Our Pricing

Consultation (Incl. scan) - From £195
Microscelrotherapy (Per session) - From £300
Foam Therapy (Incl. consultation) - From £810
EVLA Unilateral - From £1695
EVLA Bilateral - From £1995
Stockings - £60

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"Crucially she listened to my concerns and was able to be open and honest about what we could achieve"

Really happy with my initial consultation with Regina. Regina not only took me through the whole process step by step but crucially she listened to my concerns and was able to be open and honest about what we could achieve with my hair density.

Hussain Shah

"Both the doctor and the technicians were fantastic from start to finish"

Very happy with my experience. Did a combined FUT and FUE transplant. Both the doctor and the technicians were fantastic from start to finish. Would recommend to anybody planning to do the same thing.

Richard Beaumont

How it works

Our expert team are on hand to advise you on the best varicose vein treatment to suit your needs.

Interventional procedures performed by consultant vein specialists at HHC Vein Clinic’s are designed to restore proper venous blood flow and eliminate varicose and spider veins from venous circulation in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. The best treatment for you will depend on a number of things:

  • Type of vein abnormality (spider or varicose vein)
  • Size (how large they are in diameter)
  • Source and location of veins involved (for legs it can be thigh, ankle or behind the knee. Abnormal veins can even appear on the hands, face, breasts, back, and genital areas)
  • Severity or concentration of veins
  • Skin texture & colour

Get an initial consultation for EVLA vein treatment at HHC

A consultation at HHC consists of thorough history taking, clinical examination and US duplex assessment. Each patient being seen and assessed at HHC Vein Clinic will have a 3 step treatment strategy:

  1. Initial Consultation including Duplex US scan
  2. Main treatment episode to treat the underlying cause
  3. Follow up appointment, usually to complete the treatment and attain the desired cosmetic result

How long does the EVLA procedure take? 

Treatment is carried out within a few hours under local anaesthetic. The actual time required for the procedure will vary according to the extent and complexity of the problematic veins. 

The anaesthetic wears off after 2-3 hours at which point you are free to leave providing that you have someone to accompany you. 

EVLA avoids the need for an overnight hospital stay and a long recovery period. Most people, depending on the type of work they do, are fine to return to work the following day.

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