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Maxi Combo FUE/FUT

We offer a revolutionary new combination procedure that brings together the best of both FUE and FUT

Maximise the results we're able to achieve with our market-leading FUE / FUT combination treatment

A clinic only doing FUE is probably doing that because the doctor cannot do an FUT procedure. It is very clear from research papers that the gold standard for transplantation is FUT, and a surgeon should be able to do both. Whichever clinic you choose, always check whether your surgeon is able to do both procedures - FUE and FUT.

At HHC Clinics, we offer a unique combination surgery that brings together the best of both FUT and FUE. It enables us to provide the patient with a greater number of grafts without compromising the donor site and causing the kind of horrific problems seen from over-harvesting grafts in clinics overseas, including Turkey. Find out more about our ethical approach to hair transplants and the dangers of going overseas, here >

male hair loss

"Both the doctor and the technicians were fantastic from start to finish"

Very happy with my experience. Did a combined FUT and FUE transplant. Both the doctor and the technicians were fantastic from start to finish. Would recommend to anybody planning to do the same thing.

Richard Beaumont

"Very professional and pleasant atmosphere/ service"

Over and above all expectations, very professional and pleasant atmosphere/ service

Ollie Tye

"Not even 5 weeks after the procedure people are already noticing that my hair is looking thicker and fuller"

Not even 5 weeks after the procedure people are already noticing that my hair is looking thicker and fuller than it was before the procedure and the full impact hasn’t even started yet. I can’t wait to see what it looks like in 6 months time.


"Everything went smoothly"

Very welcoming and peaceful. Didn’t feel stressed about the procedure and the technicians were excellent. Everything went smoothly and there were no issues.

Elliot Smith

How it works

This technique means the maximum number of grafts can be harvested without compromising the scalp blood supply.

Our market-leading Maxi Combo procedure is a combination of FUT and FUE, and is available for patients who meet certain criteria.

The surgical procedure takes longer overall, however, for those individuals not wanting a second procedure to cover an extensive area of their scalp, it also means the whole transplant can be completed in one session.

At HHC Clinics, we offer free, no-obligation initial consultations to address your hair loss concerns. We discuss in detail what your concerns are, your medical and family history, and your hair loss journey so far. We’ll take a closer look at your hair follicles and at the potential donor area, as well as discussing your hair restoration expectations. Our digital microscope offers live result expectation images during the consultation, so you know what you can expect when exploring your treatment options. 

Our maxi combo hair transplant treatment is an efficient solution for those suffering with extensive hair loss and looking to achieve maximum results.


  • Beneficial to those with a larger recipient area 
  • Efficient hair transplant solution
  • Maximum results

In patients with Norwood 5,6 and 7, we can achieve up to 4000 grafts with our combined FUE and FUT procedure. From £1600 or £9/week on finance.

FUE hair transplant

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Intrigued to know more? Get to the root of your hair-loss problems with a hair loss diagnosis at HHC.

Our expert clinicians utilise market-leading hair-loss diagnostic tools, not available at other clinics.

Top-of-the-range Dino-Lite digital microscopes offer pin-point precision hair and scalp diagnostics.

50x & 200x Magnification

Quick, precise & painless diagnostics

View LIVE results during the consultation

Why does this matter? The best treatments should always begin with an accurate diagnosis. We offer optimal treatment outcomes to every patient.

Comparison of FUE and FUT procedures

FUE procedure (Follicular Unit Extraction)

  • Commonest Procedure for 80% of Patients

  • Men rated up to 5 on the Norwood Scale

  • Multiple very small scars (not noticable after healing)

  • Difficult to repeat in later years

  • Better for those who suffer keloids or scar badly

  • Can have short hair at the back

  • Can exercise after a few days

  • Less risk of complications

FUT procedure ( Follicular Unit Transplantation/Strip)

  • Currently 20% of patients have this procedure

  • Preferred for women

  • Fine linear scar

  • Can repeat strip procedures after many years

  • Need to wear hair at back longer

  • Need to wait 4-6 weeks before strenuous exercise

  • Ludwig and Savin Scale for Women

  • Less damage to the grafts