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Foam Sclerotherapy

Suffering with large unsightly thread veins? Foam Sclerotherapy is the ideal solutions for sufferers of larger varicose veins

Where your troublesome veins are very large, tortuous or “wiggly”, our popular and market-leading EVLA vein treatment can be difficult to apply correctly to the veins.

Foam sclerotherapy is the ideal alternative. Either used in conjunction with EVLA as part of your treatment plan, or in isolation. It offers an alternative way of targeting veins and closing them down.

Foam Sclerotherapy is a method for delivering sclerosing agent that allows us to treat larger varicose veins

The foam solution has the consistency of shaving foam, which improves treatment by displacing blood within the vein. This permits the full strength of the sclerosing agent to be in direct contact with the vein wall for an extended period of time without any dilution effects.

The foam is visible on ultrasound imaging and can be easily tracked and guided to the source of the venous problem. Foam sclerotherapy is performed under direct ultrasound control to ensure safe and effective results with minimal complications.

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Our Pricing

Consultation (Incl. scan) - From £195
Microscelrotherapy (Per session) - From £300
Foam Therapy (Incl. consultation) - From £810
EVLA Unilateral - From £1695
EVLA Bilateral - From £1995
Stockings - £60

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How it works

Our expert team are on hand to advise you on the best treatment to suit your needs.

Interventional procedures performed by consultant vein specialists at HHC Vein Clinic’s are designed to restore proper venous blood flow and eliminate varicose and spider veins from venous circulation in a safe, efficient and cost effective manner. The best treatment for you will depend on a number of things:

  • Type of vein abnormality (spider or varicose vein)
  • Size (how large they are in diameter)
  • Source and location of veins involved (for legs it can be thigh, ankle or behind the knee. Abnormal veins can even appear on the hands, face, breasts, back, and genital areas)
  • Severity or concentration of veins
  • Skin texture & colour

Get a Foam Sclerotherapy vein consultation at HHC

Find out if Foam Scloreotherpay is the best treatment for you.

All our treatment plans are determined by thorough history taking, clinical examination and US duplex assessment. Each patient is seen and assessed at HHC Vein Clinic will have a 3 step treatment strategy.

  1. Initial Consultation including Duplex US scan
  2. Main treatment episode to treat the underlying cause
  3. Follow up appointment, usually to complete the treatment and attain the desired cosmetic result

How long does the Foam Sclerotherapy procedure take? 

Treatment is carried out within a few hours under local anaesthetic. Foam sclerotherapy is performed under direct ultrasound control to ensure safe and effective results with minimal complications.

The actual time required for the procedure will vary according to the extent and complexity of the problematic veins. 

The anaesthetic wears off after 2-3 hours at which point you are free to leave providing that you have someone to accompany you. You can even go back to work (or play!) as early as the next day!

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