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Video: Our Thermage FLX Skin Treatments

Thermage FLX is a skin treatment available from us here at HHC Clinics. It has a few use cases but is primarily used to create youthful looking skin, tighter skin, and reduce wrinkles and fine lines.

The Thermage treatment, as shown in the video above, uses radio frequency therapy to heat the sub-dermis and reach collagen strands that, when heated, contract and produce new growth. Excess water held in the skin is also drawn away from the treated area, allowing the new collagen strands to regrow tighter to the skin, holding back loose, unattractive skin.

This non invasive skin treatment features active cooling of the epidermis, so you'll hardly feel any burning sensation, it'll be directed to the lower sub dermis and fat tissue. Interested in seeing results from this treatment? Get in touch with HHC Clinics to find out more about the Thermage skin treatment.